What does a portable toilet cost to hire?

Portable toilets at sports ground

If you’re considering hiring a portable toilet, or a few for your event, there are a several factors worth considering that will help you determine the overall cost.

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Toilet Hire Cost Unit Get Loos Price Average UK Cost
Standard Toilet Per Week £30 £40
Disabled Toilet Per Week £50 £90

When looking for portable toilet hire, the cost can vary depending on how many you need, the length of your tenure, your location and the types of portable toilet that you require.

Here at Get Loos, if you’re looking for construction portable toilet hire, it will cost you £30 on a weekly basis for standard portable toilet hire, which is a great price if you compare this to the average UK cost of £40 per week for standard toilets. We can also offer emergency toilet hire services, however an additional cost will be included on top of our standard rate.

Additionally, our disabled portable toilet hire for construction sites is extremely affordable, sitting at £50 compared to the average UK cost of £90. Overall, your final cost for hiring a portable toilet will be calculated depending on how many toilets you need, where you want to place them, which portable toilets you require and the length you want them there for. The more people going to your event or are working on your construction site, the more toilets you’ll need.

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Standard Portable Toilet & Disabled Toilet Cost

To hire a standard portable toilet, per week, on construction sites we charge £30 per week for a standard portable toilet hire, with disabled portable toilets costing £50 on a weekly basis. Our minimum terms for other events and venues are 2 weeks, where other companies can have minimum terms of up to 4 weeks.

How Can the Cost Be Affected?

There are many variables to what can affect the cost of your portable toilet hire.

You’re geographical location may play a part in the cost of hiring a portable toilet, the number of portable toilets you’re looking to hire, and the size, scale, and type of event you’re planning.

The Location of Portable Toilets

Where you’re based may affect the portable toilet hire cost, with locations such as Birmingham and Manchester may cost a little bit more, compared to smaller towns such as Mansfield or Chesterfield, However, if you’re local to Manchester, for example, you may wish to find a business that serves that area – just like we do!

The location can affect the cost in a different way too, depending on the exact whereabouts of the portable toilet placement. If you’re looking to hire a portable toilet but your desired location is difficult to access and requires more time for delivery and the portable toilet set up, then it could affect the overall cost of your portable toilet hire.

The Number of Portable Toilets

The larger your event, the more toilets you’ll need, therefore increasing your portable toilet hire cost. If your event is supplying food and drink, this may also increase your demand for portable toilets, and therefore the cost.

Read more on how many portable toilets you need for your event.

The Type of Portable Toilet

Depending on what portable toilet you require, this may affect your cost as some portable toilets have different features that bring various benefits and additional stationary options. If your event requires additional disabled portable toilets, than this may affect your cost depending on how much the business is charging you.

Consider the Quality of Service

Most people will say, “you get what you pay for” which in our case is certainly true. Our portable toilets are competitively priced as not only do you receive a hire toilet that’s functional and clean, but our team also show up.

There when you need us

At Get Loos we take the worry out of wondering if your supplier turned up this week to clean your toilet, sound familiar? We hear this all the time, which is why we provide digital photo evidence that’s sent directly to your inbox after each interaction of delivery, collection, and Service.

There’s no more unanswered phone calls or emails, our invoices are clear, concise and on time.

Transparency from the word go!

As part of the service evidence you receive, you can expect to see whether or not we could access your site, how the portable toilet looked after we had serviced it, whether the flush was working or not, it’s location, and if there is any damage to the unit, just so we’re all on the same page.

We also notify you when we are on the way! We also work with you to make sure we visit when it’s convenient for you, not us.

And after all that, if your still not happy! We will give you a full refund!

Feel free to check out an example invoice.

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