What are the different types of portable toilets?

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You may be surprised to learn, there are many different types of portable toilets for your business to consider, when looking to hire a portable toilet. Depending on your requirements, you may need to evaluate which portable toilet is the best option for you.

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Standard Portable Toilet

The most common portable toilet you will find is the standard portable toilet, which no doubt you’ve used before. These portable toilets are efficient for large crowds and very versatile, as they can be used for various commercial settings, such as construction sites, events, festivals, parties and weddings.

Standard portable toilets don’t require any connection to a mains water or drainage system making them much easier to manage. This also has another benefit, making the standard portable toilet eligible to be placed anywhere, as long as it is safe and accessible to guests.

Compost Toilets

The compost toilet treats human waste through composting it, decomposing the waste into a compost like material to help benefit the environment. When the compost toilet is flushed, it minimizes the use of water when getting rid of human waste. The compost toilet is beneficial for saving water, which is an advantage for the environment because, on average, 9 or more litres of water are wasted flushing the toilet!

Along with saving water, the compost toilet also reduces bad odours through creating an oxygen-rich environment, allowing the aerobic bacteria to decompose waste, therefore this toilet option offers low odour and is very environmentally friendly.

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Disabled Portable Toilets

Having a disabled portable toilet is very important for your event as it allows an accessible alternative to those who may have a disability attending your event. The disabled portable toilet is very similar to the standard portable toilet, however slightly larger to allow extra accessibility and additional features to provide an easier and more efficient experience.

Along with the standard portable toilet, this portable toilet can also be placed wherever the event see fit. Disabled portable toilets are often placed within a small radius of the regular portable toilets, as they’re usually located on flat and level terrain.

Baby Changing Portable Toilets

Something every family with a young child will need whilst attending an event, is a baby changing portable toilet. Bringing a young child to an event is often challenging, and that’s without mentioning the toiletry issues that come with them, so having a baby changing portable toilet present at your event would be a good idea.

Here at Get Loos, our disabled portable toilets feature a baby changing section, so we combine the two into one portable toilet. For more information on our service, contact us now.

Long Drop Portable Toilets

If your event is projected to have large numbers of attendees, then the long drop portable toilet is perfect for your event. This variation of portable toilet is connected to a large tank that is positioned underground, which holds the waste after the toilet is flushed. Once the toilet is flushed, it is deposited down to the tank to remove any potential odours and build-up of waste.

These toilets are often used at large events, such as festivals due to the high number of attendees and the demand for regular toilet-use, therefore large events and ceremonies are where this toilet is most effective.

Portable Urinals

The perfect solution to long queues is the portable urinal. This portable toilet can help to serve more people due to how quickly people can use them, reducing long toilet queues and offering a relatively more hygienic alternative to your standard portable toilet.

These toilets can come in different variations, both in appearance and function. Some portable urinals feature simple standing units with screens in between, whereas some can be placed within a portable toilet which offer a tough of luxury and better privacy.

Which Portable Toilet Does Your Event Need?

Your event will ultimately determine what type of portable toilet you will need, or how many different variations of portable toilets you may require. The size of the event will be the most influential factor due to the demand for toilets at large events, especially those providing food, drinks and alcohol.

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