Things to consider when running a sports event

Football Sports Event

Running a sports event can be a tricky task, and there are plenty of things that you need to consider for it to be successful. As well as ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of your guests, you must also consider the athletes’ welfare to ensure your sports event runs as smoothly as possible.

From finding the right venue, to ensuring your guests have appropriate toilet facilities, there are various things you must consider when running a sports event.

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Find a suitable venue

Choosing the right venue is critical for the success of your sports event. When looking for a venue, you must consider how many people will be attending your sports event, so that the venue has enough capacity to cater to your guests. Furthermore, other factors such as accessibility for your guests and event partners. This is important to consider when running a sports event so that guests can gain access to the venue easily, as well as any vehicles that may be required to help set up the events, such as burger vans for example.

When selecting your venue, you must also consider when your event is being held. For example, if the weather forecast doesn’t look promising for your anticipated date, you may want to consider an indoor venue as the weather may not only affect the satisfaction of your guests, but also the performance of the sport itself.

Ensure your event has toilets!

One of the most important things to bear in mind when running a sports event is ensuring your guests have access to toilets. Including toilets, especially portable toilets, helps to improve guest satisfaction as it provides an accessible place for your attendees to use, keeping them comfortable, happy, and engaged throughout the whole sports event.

Portable toilet hire for sporting events also have many environmental benefits, from water conservation to energy efficiency. Portable toilets use little to no water during operation, whereas traditional flush toilets require a constant supply of water in order to operate effectively. By minimising water usage, portable toilets help conserve this precious resource, particularly in areas where water scarcity is a concern.

Here at Get Loos, we can provide portable toilets for sports events, whether you require standard portable toilets, or disabled portable toilets, we can help your sports events to provide great toilets that your guests will appreciate. We can also offer emergency toilet hire services too, so if you’re in desperate need of portable toilets, we can guarantee same day delivery to your venue.

If you wish to read more about the benefits of portable toilet hire for sports events, check out our blog right away.

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Provide a memorable experience

Something to consider when running a sports event is ensuring that your attendees remember your event, for all the right reasons! The actual sport event itself is out of your control, and down to the athletes of which ever sport you choose, however everything else can be controlled through effective planning, guest research, and providing a great experience for all age groups.

Provide ample seating or standing areas with good sightlines to ensure everyone can enjoy the event comfortably, as well as incorporating technology, such as large screens or live streaming, to enhance visibility for spectators, only if it’s in your budget of course.

There are much more simpler things you can do to enhance your event-goers experience, such as offering entertainment activities, food stands and merchandise stalls, so that attendees have a physical reminder of your sports event.

Health & safety priorities

Keeping everyone at your sports event safe is an absolute, as your guest’s safety should be the number one priority. Keeping your event participants safe from potential risks caused by spectators is something you must consider cancelling out any potential hazards, as well as putting in place necessary measures to prevent any crowd troubles, such as clearly stating guidelines for behaviour and spectator conduct and provide clear signage for directions and emergency exits.

Having first aid kits and paramedics on standby is also something you should consider when running a sports event, as you never know what could happen. From possible accidents during the sport being played, to health issues amongst attendees, it’s better to be prepared for anything. Available medical support should be positioned adequately around your venue, where you must communicate the location of these stations to participants and spectators.

Health and safety must also be considered when selecting your venue and choosing when to host your sporting event, as some sports become more dangerous during certain conditions. Remember, health and safety should be an ongoing priority throughout the planning, execution, and evaluation stages of the sports event.

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