How to offer the best toilet experience at festivals

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Festivals are great events that unite music with great times, however, if you’re planning a festival in the coming months, there are plenty of things you must consider. Toilets are an absolute necessity, regardless of whether your festival is overnight or a whole week. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can offer the best toilet experience at your festival.

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Plan your expected attendance

Festivals have the tendency to attract extremely large crowds, with attendances at certain festivals reaching numbers of up to 200,000 guests. With this in mind, the larger your attendance, the more portable toilets you should look to acquire so that queues are shorter, and toilets are less overused, offering a variety of different locations for attendees to visit the toilet.

By understanding how many people will be attending, you already have a head start to offer the best toilet experience so you can ensure you have the correct number of portable toilets for your festival.

Evaluate your venue

The venue where your festival is held can be a crucial factor towards providing the best toilet experience for your guests. The last thing you want to do is have to position your festival portable toilets at the top of hills, making them a nightmare to reach for your guests.

When evaluating your venue, ensure that there is plenty of flat ground with access points for your rental company, making it as easy as possible for the placement and removal of your portable toilets, and also easily accessible for your guests.

If you’re struggling to find a suitable venue for your festival, checkout our blog on great event venues in South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire to find the perfect venue for your festival!

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Regular cleaning

Portable toilets at festivals should be regularly cleaned to prevent the potential spread of disease, illnesses, and to improve the overall hygiene of your festival. Here at Get Loos, we can offer a high-quality portable toilet concierge service, so you can have someone on hand to keep your toilets clean and maintained throughout the event, offering a much better festival toilet experience for your guests.

Stock up on supplies

The last thing you want to happen is to run out of toilet supplies for your festival portable toilets. Having supplies on hand prior to your festival shows good organisational skills and also relieves you of the stress of having to constantly purchase new toilet supplies, such as toilet roll and sanitiser for example. Our concierge service for festival toilets can also cover this, as we can ensure that you always have access to toilet paper and hand cleansers for the duration of your festival.

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