Get Loos provides Clegg Construction with a hygienic solution to a well-known problem!

Cleggs building renovation

One of our prestigious construction company clients, Cleggs Construction, approached us recently to see if we could solve an ongoing issue for them on one of their construction sites in Sheffield city centre.

The site a was a 10 Storey building which was for private and rental use. At times it had in excess of 200 subcontract workers regularly attending to complete its construction. As with most sites, temporary facilities were located on the ground floor, or at the site offices quite some distance away from those working on the top floor of the building.

Many contractors, especially if on price rate, would not make the journey to use the rest room on the ground floor, and would look for a more immediate solution. Consequently, at the end of the day, there would either be a considerable number of bottles filled with urine, or worst case, corners of the building evidencing visits from those contractors who chose not to make the time consuming visit to the ground floor.

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Statement from The Clegg Construction Site manager (Alan Hardy)

“I would not hesitate to recommend these portable urinals to other contractors. They proved to be invaluable in keeping the floors hygienic. They were serviced and cleaned every week by Getloos Limited. These portable urinals were well received by the workforce who also appreciated the convenience” (No pun intended).

Get Loos has a track record in providing sanitation facilities on construction sites, not just to improve personal hygiene but also to improve labour efficiencies, and they suggested that they supply small portable urinals for use on the upper floors of the building during this construction phase. With 4 units discretely deployed over the building, the staff on site at the upper floors began to use this solution in no time at all.

Every Monday Get Loos would attend on site before the Monday rush of skip lorries and delivery wagons, empty, clean and sanitise the urinals at the ground floor, which had been easily wheeled to the mast climbers by Cleggs staff and positioned near the site entrance for the Get Loos service technicians to access.

This solution has proved a remarkable success, improving working conditions for staff working on site, reducing the requirement for a member of staff having to walk the floors every day to remove the plastic urine filled receptacles, making for a more pleasant working environment and certainly one which was a lot more hygienic.